Divorce In Ontario

In todays world, the reality is that many couples are going through separations and divorce in Ontario.  It can be a daunting process for both parties when it comes to figuring out the matrimonial assets and family home.  When it comes to selling a Divorcematrimonial home, there is a lot to consider with purchasing the next home in conjunction with also selling an existing home… It can be a daunting process and there are always lots of questions such as “What happens if you don’t sell?”, “How does bridge financing work etc.?”, “Should I keep my existing home and rent it out?” and lots more… I have a
really great article that I have written called “Buy or Sell – What should you do first?

Do you know anyone going through a separation or divorce that would like a copy of this article or to chat about their financing options?  Contact me and let me help guide you or someone you know through this process. You can reach me at 519-760-4391 or melissa@melissabendo.com