Credit Score Ontario App

Did you know there is now an easy way to find out your credit score ontario app.  When you download this free MOPOLO app from the app store, you will get your updated credit score every month for FREE with the Property Tracker™ and Credit Tracker™ in your MOPOLO app.

When you register for the free CreditTracker™, you will receive your credit score instantly and it will be updated every month! The best part – it won’t affect your credit rating.

On the PropertyTracker™ you can get a free property evaluation every month. You can even see how upgrades you’ve done since you purchased your home or plan to do affect your property value! credit score ontario, credit score canada, credit report

The app also offers an exclusice inventory tracker and gives you can access to current rates, mortgage calculators, and the ability to apply for a mortgage, personal loan or credit card with just a few clicks.



How to download my app:

  1. Click here from your phone or tablet. Select your operating system (Apple, Android, or Blackberry) to download the app. (or you can find “MOPOLO” on the app store)
  2. Once opened click on “Find A Broker”.
  3. Enter broker code 209928 and select “Pick Broker”

If you have any questions or need assistance downloading my app, I can be reached at 519-760-4391 or by email at,


CMHC Premium Changes

CMHC is increasing their default insurance premiums effective March 17, 2017.  No doubt the other default insurers will follow their lead as they have done in the past.  Considering the recent mortgage legislation changes that have impacted the purchasing power of many home buyers, this might well feel like another hit to our industry, however, did you know that there are many strategies, even with as little as 10% down payment, where we potentially avoid the client paying the default insurance premiums completely?   Don’t get me wrong, we have to make sure the numbers make sense as the overall interest rate might be higher, but the bigger the mortgage amount, the bigger the savings in the long run.  Whether it is saving unnecessary premiums and their associated interest costs or for clients that don’t even qualify for default insurance, this is alternative financing that can work really well – call me to find out how! 
Rates have gone up slightly over the last few weeks but did you know that a variable rate is still a great option and as low as 2.20% or a 5 year fixed term at 2.49% and Posted for a 5 year fixed term is at 2.69%.
Lets get you ready for the spring market! Give me a call at 519-760-4391 or email me at to get started!
 CMHC insurance premiums