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Welcome to my blog site! This is my very first post and I have fantastic news that I want to share with you! With being in the mortgage brokering industry for a while now – I have had the opportunity to save many people a lot of money.

As a Licensed Mortgage Agent, I now have access to over 50+ lenders in Canada, and essentially all the money in Canada and beyond! I act like a personal shopper of mortgages by negotiating with every lender and find the one that will offer the best options and truly earn the privilege of providing you with a mortgage. As a result of the team I have joined and the volume we produce, I get access to the interest rates the major banks don’t want you to know exist… it is like getting access to wholesale rates! I ensure that you get the best options that meet YOUR needs and save you thousands and that also includes negotiating with your existing bank on your behalf. I now know just how far they can go to earn your business including fantastic rates and terms. Here is the best part…this is free to you as I am paid by the lender that you select from, after I have presented you with all your mortgage options (OAC).

So here are some of the types of mortgages I can do:

  • New purchases
  • Take equity out of your home for renovation purposes, financial investing, or educational financing
  • Renewals of existing
  • Refinance to consolidate debt/renovations/investments/large purchases such as vehicles, boats etc
  • Purchase Investment Properties and cottages… and more

If you are interested in finding out what the current best interest rates are today… maybe just to compare with what you already have… let me know as would be happy to email them to you.

I work with a fabulous team of very experienced mortgage agents and I would like you to be able to benefit from seeing if you can save some money in unnecessary interest… better in your pocket than the banks (and there is no obligation at all)!

I wonder if I can ask a favour… I need some help growing my new business… if you hear of anyone that is moving or looking to purchase a house, they might well need a mortgage and I’d really like to be able to help them… would you mind passing on my information?

On this site, my goal is to keep you up to date with how things in the mortgage world are going. CLICK HERE to send me an email if you have any questions or just to join my mailing list.

Looking forward to posting some great content!

Melissa Bendo
Mortgage Agent M15001866
Mortgage Alliance Lic #10530

T: 519-760-4391 | F: 289-800-9624 |

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