Spousal Buyout

Are you getting a divorce? Do you want to dissolve financial ties with your ex-spouse? May or may not have a separation agreement?

The Spousal Buyout program or separation agreement is helpful for people who are in the process of a legal separation; when one person would like to keep their matrimonial home, but two people are on the title to the property. The program is available to jointly titled homeowners with a dissolved relationship, including common-law spouses as well.

If you are interested in learning more about this program, please give em a call and I will be more than happy to walk you through the process. I know how stressful a divorce can be, I am hear to help ease your mind.

Requirements for the Spousal Buyout Program:

  1. Dwelling must be owned & owner occupied.
  2. Home appraisal must be ordered by mortgage broker.
  3. Have an offer to purchase (broker can assist).
  4. Working towards a finalized separation agreement.
  5. We can use up to 95% value of the home.
  6. Spousal and Child Support can be used as income.
  7. Joint debt can be included.
  8. Lump sum payouts to spouse can be included.

If you would like to dissolve your separation agreement or financial ties from your ex-partner, the Spousal Buyout program may be for you.

separation agreement